Meyer Lemon: First Blush

It’s been a while since I updated about my Meyer lemon tree!

Mostly, that’s because there wasn’t much to say. New fruit was sprouting up, but everything was green, green, green. Until I went out of town for a week, that is. When I got back into town, this little fella was there to greet me:

meyer lemon

Hurrah! There’s a second lemon that’s starting to turn yellow, too. I want the first thing I make with these Meyer lemons to be really extra special, since they’re the first ones I’ve ever grown….do you guys have any suggestions for Meyer lemon recipes? Or do you think I should preserve them in sugar or salt? Weigh in in the comments!

In other lemony news, we’re starting to see cooler temperatures here in Atlanta – highs in the 80s instead of the upper 90s and lows in the 60s. Before long, I’m going to be wheeling this Meyer lemon tree indoors to keep it safe from chilly winter temperatures! If anyone has tips on keeping a Meyer lemon tree happy indoors, I’d love to hear those, too!

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