Meet Your Food Chain: Transforming the Food Industry from the Grocery Stores to the Farmworkers

ATLANTA, GA - MAR. 2: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) stages a protest on March 2, 2011, at a Publix supermarket in Atlanta over wages and working conditions for tomato pickers in Florida.

We pay attention to how our food is produced, whether organic or conventional, and where it is produced. Local? Imported? But we have few resources to discover who produces our food. A new documentary, Food Chain, looks at the plight of American farmworkers and some solutions to the problems they face.

Agricultural workers are a vulnerable group. Low wages, harsh living and working conditions, and even slavery are a part of their lives. When these things happen in a foreign country, consumers can turn to Fair Trade products to certify that workers have been treated fairly.ย  It can be surprising for many Americans to find out that labor conditions are so bad in America. After all, we have labor laws here, right?

Some groups are working to improve those conditions. The film Food Chain highlights those groups and their solutions and how we can all help.

Food Chain is done filming and the editing has begun, but they still need money. If you can spare some money to help bring this documentary to the public, stop by their Kickstarter page.

This trailer gives a taste of the film.

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