Meatless Monday: Berry Compote, Tofu Pesto Sandwiches, and Pasta With Chickpeas

We’re all familiar with the numerous benefits that go along with eating more meatless meals:Β  You can reduce your impact on the environment, improve your health, and save some money along the way.Β  Plus, vegetarian and vegan meals just plain taste good!Β  The idea of Meatless Mondays are nothing new, but is it something that you and your family actually do on a regular basis, if at all?

Spring is the perfect time to up your intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes while lowering your meat consumption.Β  The warmer weather makes our bodies crave lighter fare, and fresh, delicious produce is beginning to fill the market.Β  Why not try some of these meal ideas for a Meatles Monday of your own?

  • Breakfast: Ease into cool mornings with a steaming bowl of porridge.Β  I like steel-cut oats (made with soymilk for protein) with a big swirl of homemade strawberry compote, which can be made by simmering frozen berries with some water, lemon juice, and agave nectar until soft, allowing a thick syrup to form.
  • Lunch:Β  Slather a toasted whole grain roll with some tangy sun-dried tomato pesto.Β  Add a few slices of baked tofu, some sauteed red onion slices, and a few leaves of romaine lettuce for crunch.Β  If you’re still hungry, dunk some baby carrots in extra pesto.
  • Dinner: Saute an onion, lots of garlic, red pepper flakes, plus a ton of whatever fresh herbs you have on hand with a can of chickpeas.Β  Toss with whole wheat pasta shells, then drizzle with olive oil.Β  I served this alongside a big helping of roasted broccoli, and squeezed lemon juice over everything on the plate.Β  Delicious!

Are you inspired to start making Meatless Mondays part of your routine?Β  What are your favorite vegetarian and vegan meals?

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5 thoughts on “Meatless Monday: Berry Compote, Tofu Pesto Sandwiches, and Pasta With Chickpeas”

  1. Marygrace Stergakos

    Dulse, avocado, and tomato… that’s one combination I would have NEVER thought of. But it sounds incredibly delicious! Thanks!

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