Meatless Monday: 8 Meat-Free Sandwich Ideas

During my first year of being vegan, I didn’t really know what to eat.Β  The fact that I was a teenager who had never learned to prepare anything more complicated than a bowl of cereal probably didn’t help much, but suffice it to say that twelve months involved a steep culinary learning curve.Β  I ate a lot of Amy’s frozen burritos, apples, and salads that consisted of spinach, black beans, and lemon juice.Β  Unappetizing indeed!Β  Sometimes I think it’s a wonder that I managed to stay healthy during this period, or even that I stuck out being vegan at all.

I also noticed during that year that I never bought any bread.Β  What’s the use of bread when you don’t eat meat to put in between it?Β  Thankfully, I rediscovered the sandwich in all of its vegan glory.Β  Sometimes, complicated food (you know, the kind that requires a knife and fork) just doesn’t work.Β  There are days when I need something that’s easy to make, easy to eat, and will keep me energized.

In addition to making you feel super healthy, these sandwiches will make you feel super happy: They’re cheaper than deli meats and cheeses, and have a much lower carbon footprint!Β  All sandwiches use good-for-you whole grain bread.

  1. Equal parts miso and tahini, cucumber rounds, avocado slices, and clover sprouts
  2. Crunchy peanut butter with raisins and shredded carrot
  3. Baked tofu, pesto, and romaine lettuce
  4. Asian-style salad sandwich: Shredded red and green cabbage tossed with peanut dressing.Β  Add baked, sliced tofu for extra staying power.
  5. Sliced apple and almond butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon
  6. Spread refried beans on bread, add shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, and guacamole
  7. Veggie delight: Spread a thick layer of hummus on bread, top with any raw vegetables you have on hand (I like baby spinach, shredded carrots, and sundried tomato)
  8. Marinated and grilled portobello mushroom with sauteed red onion, crisp lettuce and tomato

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  1. Marygrace Stergakos

    Millie! Miso and tahini are so good together. For a thick spread I just mix equal parts, or for a thinner sauce or salad dressing I add some water. The perfect combination of salty, sweet, and rich.

  2. Penne

    Thanks for all your ideas and doing these posts each Monday. I keep forgetting about them so they are like a special treat each week.

    I really like mashing chickpeas up and then adding diced onion, red pepper and celery with some onion and garlic powder, salt & pepper, crumbled walnuts and vegan mayo. It’s similar to a tuna/chicken salad only better. For those who would wish to have a fisher taste adding kelp powder helps and adds iodine. The other day I had a similar salad spread only made with crumbled tempeh and a mustard base instead of mayo.

    Chickpeas are great for putting in pitas and rotis with other yummy veggies such as grilled veggies or bell peppers, onions, and even wheat berries and tiny fingerling potatoes dressed with garlic-chile sauce and tahini.

    I like your idea with the refried beans but I think I would add cumin and green chiles (they come diced and whole in the cans). I also add a vegan cream cheese to hummus based sandwiches (usually a roll-up in a tortilla) and that really adds a lot to it.

    Quick vegan tacos on a sprouted corn tortilla include a swipe of vegan cream cheese then red bell pepper, onion, avocado, salt, cumin, spinach and romaine. Fold and eat.

    One of the best plant-based sandwiches I’ve had though is the black bean, kale and sweet potato burger. It has incredible flavor on it’s own and I’d have never eaten a cow burger if I’d had these all those years. However, going for the plant foods has inspired me to explore more and so the patty on ciabatta with avocado, grilled onions and red pepper is incredible. Yesterday I didn’t have those toppings but I did have garlic-chile sauce and it was amazing. I’ll be adding that to all my future veg-burgers now.

    I also found at the Farmers Market when I visited in Portland is a grower of hazelnuts that makes a vegan version of Nutella (plus it’s a small company). Just the nuts, cocoa powder and sugar. So tasty and not a totally unhealthy treat. They do sell online but it looks like the spread would have to be asked about:

  3. Native_Momma

    What a great list of sandwiches. I should try a few soon. The hummus one sounds good. What is miso? You should stop by my blog to join the Meatless Monday party. My readers would enjoy your site.

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