“Making Home” Helps You Live With Less Stuff

Want to be more resilient in the face of hard times? Interested in embracing a simpler, and truly more abundant reality? Then a new book, Making Home: Adapting Our Homes and Our Lives to Settle in Placeby Sharon Astyk may be for you.

This impressive new book helps you live with less “stuff” and use the resources you already have to create a stronger, more resilient family with a smaller carbon footprint.

Written from the perspective of a family who has already made this transition, Making Home shows readers how to turn the challenge of living with less into settling for more– more happiness, more security and more peace of mind.

Learn simple and effective ways to “treat our planet and our budgets with care”:

  • Issues of eating in season (p.108)
  • Are fridges and other “customary” kitchen appliances really necessary? Learn how to overhaul a kitchen for greater power savings and sustainability (begins p.120)
  • How, why, and who should even try to get involved with local food production? (Chapter 8)
  • 25 things to consider growing at home (Chapter 8)
  • Keeping farm animals, and how to diversify your own farm economy whether in an urban, suburban or rural setting (Chapter 9)
  • How and why we should build an “economy of love” and organize our world in a way that shows amity toward our neighbors, our animals, and our earth (Chapter 12)

The book is based on the premise that we must make fundamental changes to our way of life in the face of ongoing economic crisis and energy depletion. Making Home takes the fear out of this prospect, and invites us to embrace a simpler, more abundant reality.

Sharon Astyk is a writer, teacher, blogger, and farmer whose family uses 80% less energy and resources than the average American household. She is a member of the Board of Directors of ASPO-USA, and the author of 3 previous books including Depletion and Abundance and Independence Days.

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