Make Your Own Muscadine Wine

A muscadine grape vineyard

A couple of Christmases ago, I got super ambitious and whipped up a batch of my own wine to share.

It was fun mashing the grapes, straining into bottles, and creating my own custom labels, and my friends really dug the unique gifts. While Christmas is past, it’s never a bad time to start up a batch of wine! Your home made brew would make a great hostess gift, or you can just drink it yourself!

I used Kirk’s Muscadine Wine recipe, though next time I whip up some vino, I’m going to up the sugar a bit. Here are the supplies you need to make your own batch:

1qt of mashed organic muscadine grapes
3qt of water
6c of sugar (I’d up this to 7 or even 8 cups)
1 packet of yeast
a one-gallon, air tight container
a funnel
a strainer or cheesecloth
4-6 empty glass bottles, for decanting – You can reclaim wine bottles and their corks from the recycle bin, if you like!

Once you have all of your supplies, just follow the simple recipe, and you’re ready to go! The hardest part, really, is waiting the 6 weeks while your grapes ferment.

Do any of you have wine-making experience? I’d love to hear your recipes and tips in the comments! I’m lookin’ at you, Vines_N_Cattle!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Southern Foodways Alliance

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