Make Your Own Bat Dung Fertilizer

pouring bat dung tea onto our plants

Now that our garden is all planted, we want to make sure those lovely herbs, veggies, and lemons stay alive! Last week, we whipped up a batch of fertilizer using bat dung.

Bat dung or “bat guano” might sound a little bit gross, but it’s loaded with nitrogen and phosphorous, which most plants love. Our bat guano came in a box in powdered form, and we mixed it into a tea that you pour directly onto your soil.

pouring the bat dung powder into the bottle

It was easy as pie to make! You just mix up 3T of the powder into a gallon of water. Plus, you can make childish noises as you make the poop mixture.

Tip: use a funnel to avoid getting the powder everywhere. We whipped up a makeshift funnel out of a piece of junk mail.

We had a bunch of old gallon bottles left from a craft market where I used them to weigh my tent down, so we just used those. Let the bat dung tea “steep” for a few days, shake it up, and you’re ready to pour it onto your garden! Easy peasy.

bat dung fertilizer shaken

The real test will be seeing how our plants like this stuff. The box we got says this is a 3-10-1 mix (3% nitrogen, 10% phosphate, 1% potash), which I’d never seen before. Normally, I see 2-1-1 or 3-1-1 on plant foods. I’d love to hear from you experienced gardeners on that one: Are there any plants that won’t do well with that much phosphorus?

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  1. Don’t know how good bat dung is but I do know about chicken poo …it’s great stuff, brasicas love it!
    Unfortunately because I’ve moved house I don’t have the chickens any more, ah well, it was good while it lasted
    Happy herb growing

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