Make a Plastic-Free Food Wrap

Make a Plastic-Free Food Wrap

Getting the plastic out of your kitchen can be tough, right? It’s expensive to replace all of your plastic with glass. And glass containers take a lot more space to store than plastic baggies. That’s where a plastic-free food wrap comes in handy. These wraps are water-resistant, and fold to store easily. The best part? You can make them yourself, even if you have no sewing skills at all.

The only special supplies that you need to make a plastic-free food wrap are:

  • pinking shears – If you’re not into sewing or paper crafts, you may not have these special scissors. They give your fabric an edge that won’t fray. You can buy a pair or borrow from a friend! Most people who sew have a pair, so start with your crafty pals.
  • beeswax – If you’re vegan and don’t want to use beeswax for this project, you can try a vegan wax alternative.

Spotted: DIY Food Wrap (via http://craftingagreenworld.com)

Need to pack a sandwich or some snacks for your kiddo? Make a DIY food wrap, and kick plastic baggies to the curb. If you’re a regular reader here, you know that finding food-safe fabric for snack bags is a hot topic. Most water-resistant fabric is…

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