Make Delicious, Dairy-Free Ice Cream with The Vegan Scoop

For most people, the beginning of summer is marked simply by Memorial Day weekend. I, on the other hand, need something more: Ice cream. More specifically, a scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone on a warm, sunny day. Being vegan, I wasn’t super interested in the ice cream run my family took to the local Dairy Bar over the holiday weekend, but that’s OK, because as of today, I can make my own ice cream. The Vegan Scoop: 150 Recipes for Dairy-Free Ice Cream That Tastes Better Than the “Real Thing” is finally available!

The ice cream recipes were created by Wheeler Del Torro, founder of Wheeler’s Frozen Dessert Company. Unless you’re vegan, that name might not mean much, so let me fill you in. Based in Boston, Wheeler’s Black Label has sort of taken the dairy-free world by storm for being the richest, creamiest, most delicious vegan ice cream in the world. Really! Unfortunately, it isn’t available in a lot of places. Yes, I can settle for a pint of Soy Delicious, which tastes alright, but in my opinion, has a sort of thin, icy texture to it that doesn’t completely match up with traditional ice cream.

While it’s not quite realistic for me to drive 5 hours to Boston to get my vegan ice cream fix, now I can make Wheeler’s-style ice cream at home. There are 9 chapters in The Vegan Scoop, and each one is dedicated to its own flavor family: Classic, fruity, healthy, Asian, Caribbean and Island, Experimental and Novelty, and Aphrodisiacal, plus a chapter for sauces and another for ice-cream based desserts.

I received a preview of the book and am kind of at a loss as to which flavor to make first. I could go the traditional route with Butter Pecan (complete with a recipe for making chocolate cup serving bowls, yum!), get fancy with Fig, or break out the PB for peanut butter and jelly OR peanut butter cucumber ice cream. Or if I was in the mood for something lighter, I could try Watermelon Sorbet with Salted Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds. Clearly, this is not your average ice cream book!

The next couple of days are setting up to be warm and sunny, and I’ve got an amazing set of dairy-free ice cream recipes. I think summer is here–all I need are the sugar cones.

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  2. peter kelly

    hi marygrace,just thought i’d mail you for your opinion. my granddaughter roise (pronounced rosha)is allergic to most things &your book semms to b god sent, she has a nut allergy as well wich makes it a we bit more difficult.i would like to get hold of this book &i would b grateful for any advice you could forward me. yours sincerely peter kelly.

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