Low Fat Diets and Digestion

freezer full of low fat TV dinners

A BBC report took an in-depth look at the low fat diet and what happens to all of that processed, low fat food when we digest it.

We talked not long ago about how low fat does not equal healthy, but seeing how that food breaks down in your body is really eye-opening:

An important point that this video hits on is that many processed, low fat foods are also low in fiber. Fiber is key to healthy digestion, slowing down the process and allowing you to feel full longer. Of course, there are plenty of fiber rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables that are low in fat, but I think the takeaway here is that focusing on fat is not the solution for good health or weight loss. Instead we should be avoiding processed foods and focusing on getting enough fiber.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by kittischoen

4 thoughts on “Low Fat Diets and Digestion”

  1. This is very eye opening. I always eat lean cuisines and healthy choice when I’m dieting, didn’t know realize that they might not be as healthy as I thought.

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