Love Your Body with a Cleansing and Refreshing Rosemary Lemon Fresca Drink

I was so inspired by the “lovin fresh – lavender-lemon soda recipe” and “Vanilla Rose Spritzer” in recent posts that I had to share this delightful treat called a Rosemary Lemon Fresca. Have you ever tried Rosemary flavored refreshers? This can be turned into a cocktail or healthy desert drink.

Lemon is cleansing and purifying for the system “Fresh squeezed lemon in a glass of ample water is said to cleanse the liver. It is also said that lemon helps to stimulate the metabolism.Rosemary is clarifying and flavorful. Steep rosemary leaves as a tea, blend it with organic lemon juice and agave or your favorite organic lemonade, pulp strained or included, and chill. This tasty treat goes along delightfully with healthy fall flavors.

Right image of rosemary is in Wikimedia Commons under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License,and left image of lemon is under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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