Local Food Movement: Are We There Yet?

Sitting across the breakfast table, and the world’s biggest pancakes ever, from Jeff at Sustainablog, we both nod our heads in an observation β€” green is only going to work if it goes mainstream, becomes normal. An every day thing. Does that mean my tenure is done as a local food activist and writer?

Well, according to AlterNet, it is. In fact, all I have to do now is “Sit Down and Eat.” Well, maybe after I finish planting and pulling weeds, cleaning and prepping the vegetables, cooking, canning, preserving. That’s all. But if it wasn’t a struggle for ALL of us to get local food, to find healthy, sustainable ingredients to feed the world, hey, bring it on, I’d like that as daily life. I could use less time ranting on policy and more time to garden.

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So, rather than go all elitist and find myself a more obscure movement, I celebrate when I see things like the April cover of Cooking Light and it’s lead articles of “5 Eco-friendly Ways to Choose and Prepare Food Deliciously,” “How to Buy the Best Organic Foods,” and “How to Navigate the Farmers Market.” Cooking Light is one of the more accessible food magazines for home cooks. I still have a few issues from 10 years ago I kept for some key recipes. With 12 million readers for the magazine, the dream of local and sustainable becoming just every day food is getting closer to reality every day.

Cooking Light is a Time, Inc. publication along with Sunset magazine, who did a great online blog series and magazine piece on a garden and homesteading experience, One Block Feast. You can access their recipes along with sister publications like Real Simple and Southern Living at their new recipe site, MyRecipes.com.

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