Local Food: How, Where, and Why to Eat Local

local food basket of tomatoes

This helpful local food infographic comes to us from the awesome folks at The Land Connection. They are the people behind the Farm Fresh Now series that you’ve been seeing here at Eat Drink Better lately.

The graphic shows you how eating local food can not only benefit your health but how it helps support your community. It’s also got tips on how to find local produce year-round. If you’re wanting to eat local and aren’t sure where to start or wonder what all the buzz about local food is about, this graphic is a great jumping-off point.

Local Food Infographic

Local Food Infographic

I love that this graphic addresses local eating as more than just a trend for urban hipsters. Local food is about supporting your community, your local economy, and small farmers no matter who you are or where you live. It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you get into the swing of eating local, seasonal food it becomes a habit just like anything else.

How do you incorporate local food into your diet? Do you consider yourself a locavore? Do you belong to a farm share or a CSA? Do you choose local produce when it’s available and flesh out your grocery shopping with non-local fare? Let’s talk local food in the comments!

The Land Connection is sharing all of this good information about local food using a Creative Commons license. If you’re not familiar with Creative Commons, it’s a great way to let people know that you want them to share the information that you are putting out there. Eat Drink Better also uses a Creative Commons license for our content. There are a few different ways that this license can work (check them out here!), but in general the license says that you can reproduce some or all of our work as long as you credit the original source and link back to us.

Image Credit: Basket of Tomatoes photo via Shutterstock

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