Living Off the Grid Illegal in One Florida Town

Living Off the Grid Illegal in Florida?

If you have homesteading dreams, Cape Coral, FL is not the town for you. The west Florida town is telling one resident that living off the grid is illegal.

Floridian Robin Speronis is facing the loss of her property for using solar panels for power and rainwater harvesting for her garden rather than hooking into the local utilities that rule the school in the state. She’s being ordered to pay for power and water service or lose her home.

This isn’t the first time that Florida has pulled this type of move on a citizen trying to be more self-sufficient. Back in November a Miami Shores couple was fined for growing food in their front yard garden. In January, Longwood, Florida resident Sean Law began a fight to save his food forest.

Keep it classy, Florida.

Want more details about Cape Coral’s stance on living off the grid? Our sister site Insteading wrote a great piece on this issue, and you can read it in full below!

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Florida Law Makes Living Off the Grid Illegal (via Insteading)

If you’re in Florida and hope to live a more sustainable lifestyle free from the influence of energy companies and massive agricultural conglomerates by adding solar panels to your home, harvesting rainwater, and planting an organic garden on your…

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