Linking Food, Culture, Health, and the Environment: A Visual Guide

What a wonderful time of year to express gratitude for our natural world and how it nourishes us. Discover through thisΒ free visual guide how an enriched school or family environment can enhance student understanding of personal well-being and the natural world.

The guide is available for download in pdf format, and while it is designed for kids in a learning environment, there is something in there for everyone to learn from.

It’s graciously offered by theΒ Center for Ecoliteracy whichΒ is dedicated to education for sustainable living. TheirΒ work is based on these four guiding principles:

  • Nature is our teacher
  • Sustainable living is rooted in a deep knowledge of place
  • Sustainability is a community practice
  • The real world is the optimal learning environment

Visual Guide Images Courtesy of the Center for Ecoliteracy.

  1. Lucille Chi

    GP ~ You are absolutely correct that educating kids (and their parents!) on such matters is key to changing the mindset of our society and clear the mental and actual junk food that pervades it. CEL goes above and beyond the K-12 curriculum and encourages school gardens, and student and family participation in sharing the abundance of nature and how it nourishes us.

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