Let’s Cook – Videos With Ideas For Busy Weeknight Dinners

Let’s Cook – part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative which includes increasing physical education among children and improving school nutrition – has videos from chefs with ideas for busy weeknight dinners.

In the first video, Chef Marvin Woods shows how to make a week’s worth of dinners with some basic cooking. He combines components in various ways through the week to make roast pork, chili, turkey bolognese, eggplant parmesan, and so forth.

I like his method. Rather than spending all day Sunday cooking and portioning and freezing, then reheating frozen entrees each weeknight, he spends an hour or two on Sunday simmering sauce and roasting the meat. Each night during the week, he takes those components he made on Sunday and builds on them to make fresh, not reheated, dinners.

He includes some quick prep tips, also. He demonstrates how to cut and seed a bell pepper quickly and easily, how to make a vegetable stock, and how to cook with tofu.

The video is less than five minutes long. Recipes discussed in the video are on the Let’s Move site.

In the second video, Chef Jose Andres and his two daughters Carlota and Ines show how to start with a whole chicken and make a series of meals for the week. He makes three chicken dishes, a salad, an omelet, and two soups from components prepared in an hour or two on Sunday.

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