What Will You Do With That Leftover Bread? [Infographic]

Stale BreadWhen it comes to repurposing leftover bread, I’m a loser. I could freeze it. Make bread crumbs. Feed the birds. But I don’t. Which is why this infographic from Sustainable America caught my attention.

It reports that Americans buy 3 billion loaves of bread a year,ย 25% of which ends up in the garbage. And it gives you 10+ clever ways you can stop this waste in your kitchen โ€”ย from traditional ideas like making croutons, bread pudding, or bread crumbs to more inspiring uses like feeding your plants, keeping your veggies fresh, or using those damn heels to make dog treats. (Wouldn’t your pups be oh-so-happy to help you avoid human food waste?)

Take a look. How much leftover bread do you toss (while having the best of intentions to transform it but lacking the time to do so)? Does this give you any new ideas?

Stale Bread Infographic

Image Credit: Bread via Shutterstock
Infographic Credit: www.sutainableamerica.org


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3 thoughts on “What Will You Do With That Leftover Bread? [Infographic]”

  1. I use leftover bread three ways: 1) I cut it up in crouton size bits as you describe and throw them in a freezer container. When I need croutons for salads or to top a casserole, I dump out as much of the frozen cubes as I need and toast them in my cast iron skillet with seasonings, herbs and a smidgen of olive oil. Everyone loves them and no one knows they are leftovers.

    2) We stopped bringing plastic-wrapped bread into our house a few years ago, so we either buy unwrapped artisan loaves or bake our own. That means we are cutting bread every day. I scrape the crumbs into a small container and store it in my freezer. It’s amazing how fast those bread crumbs mount up. I use them as you do any bread crumbs.

    3) Finally, I freeze all the leftover hunks of bread that might go stale too soon and when I have enough, I make bread pudding. Here’s a link to my recipe: Zesty Festive Bread Pudding.

    Thank you for all these ideas. I didn’t know stale bread would help keep veggies fresh or was good for potted plants.

    1. Kathryn – thanks for the additional ideas. I love the idea of freezing bread cubes before turning them into croutons. Brilliant. And bread pudding is one of my favorite recipes. Looking forward to trying yours!

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