Learn How To Eat Like An Olympic Athlete

How To Eat Like An Olympic Athlete
Infographic: How To Eat Like An Olympic Athlete

The London 2012 Olympic games are filling our days. And while we sit down to learn about the competition’s results, the Olympic athletes chow down to fuel their bodies for competition and help them recover post-event. Ever wonder what they eat?

How Eat LIke An Olympic Athlete
How Eat Like An Olympic Athlete [click to view the full-sized graphic]
Infographic alert! Health and fitness lifestyle company, 6 Pack Fitness, created an interesting and informative infographic to illuminate the eating strategies and habits of athletes before and after training and performance events.Β How many pounds of cheese will arrive at London’s Olympic Village? 21 tons. What kind of sports drinks do athletes prefer? Those with 40 to 80 calories and 55 to 110 grams of sodium in an 8 ounce serving. What is Ryan Lochte’s secret menu for a pre-event burst of energy? Grilled chicken, whole grain pasta, alfredo sauce, and a simple salad.

In a related National Post article, registered dietician, Jennifer Sygo, highlighted the distinct nutritional needs among athletes who play different types of sports. Athletes competing in endurance events, like running and rowing, rely on carbs to fuel their bodies.Β For short-burst activities, like weightlifting, athletes worry less about carbs, focusing instead on their protein intake, spacing it evenly throughout the day. Finally, for team sports like soccer and beach volleyball, eating a balanced, nutritious diet is key, as is using techniques to help their bodies recover in the short periods between practices and matches. The article also lays out tips for us “mere mortals” to eat and drink better.

We may not be professional athletes, but why not let them inspire us?

Image Credit: Screen capture from 6 Pack Fitness

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