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How To Break Down A Halibut

Wanna’ break down a big fish? Finely hone the edge of your favorite knife? Learn how to sous vide? Some of my buried email messages led me to a web site designed to teach these peculiar and fantastic skills: ChefSteps.

ChefSteps’ first reach-out to me (maybe a year or so ago?) touted a free, self-paced online course on sous vide cooking (a method of cooking food in airtight packages in a water bath). And while discovering new food techniques and tips jazzes me, that “sous vide” stuff seemed a little high-brow, so I took a quick peek at the web site and filed my message for later consideration. Today, I took another look at the site and found some really interesting stuff.

Are you there, ChefSteps? It’s me, Mary. I’m back.

Not only do the ChefSteps’ folks continue to host the sous vide course, they have a rather cool collection of other informative lessons. Each post/lesson (at least the ones I’ve explored) couples a video with clean, tight text explaining how to follow along. ChefSteps teaches from a chef’s perspective, emphasizing the importance of organization, a clean workspace, and the right tools. If (like me) you watch culinary competitions and cooking shows and marvel at the elegance of the chefs’ techniques, these ChefSteps’ lessons will give you joy. In their words:

“Whether you are a professional chef, a culinary student, or a cooking enthusiast, if you are also a curious cook then ChefSteps is for you. Taught by a world-renowned team, you will master techniques of traditional and modernist cooking through practical, hands-on demonstrations with detailed step-by-step explanations. Unlike at other culinary schools, you will also learn the whys behind the hows from experts who bring the science of cooking to life in a compelling and practical way.”

When you browse the site’s recipes, techniques, and lessons, you’ll see an abundance of sous vide content — their commitment to this technique is impossible to miss. But don’t disregard the site for that reason. You will find some high quality, well presented culinary advice. I now know how a practiced chef filets a big fish. Watch the video on YouTube to learn more.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXLVhX4Z6do]

And frankly, I might give this whole sous vide thing a try. I know exactly where to go to learn how.

A site like this could easily be perceived to be pretentious, but discovery always adds value, so I hope you will check it out, watch a few videos, and let us know what you think. Comment away, my friends!

Image Credit: www.chefsteps.com

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2 thoughts on “Learn Cool Culinary Techniques Online From Professional Chefs”

  1. Interesting site. Their videos on packaging food should help limit food waste. Mary, have you filleted any fish?

  2. I’m so glad you checked it out. My family doesn’t eat seafood (sad face), so I’ve never had a reason to buy a whole fish. The video makes it look easy – I’m sure it takes a lot of practice! How about you?

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