How To Learn (And Teach Your Kids) About Sustainability

Lexicon of Sustainability

People can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability.

– The Lexicon of Sustainability

When I started my real food journey, I had to research what words like “cage free” and “grass fed” meant. And then I found The Lexicon of Sustainability.

Filmmaker/photographer Douglas Gayeton and producer Laura Howard-Gayeton have used their creative skills to teach people like me what sustainability is all about. Believing that “words are the building blocks for new ideas,” one of their goals is to make terms like “CSA,” “farm to table,” “food miles,” and “grass fed” part of our everyday vocabulary. And they present their lessons in a delightfully creative way — layering dynamic photos of real food pioneers in their agricultural elements with hand-written words designed to educate us, so we (in turn) can transform the world.

Creating these amazing, educational photos let to a series of short videos for PBS. You can catch a new video online every week — they are only minutes long (which is about the right length for my span of attention), but they are packed with information on topics like food waste and local versus organic. What a great way to teach our kids!

Image Credit: The Lexicon of Sustainability

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