Lean Cuisine Recall

freezer full of low fat TV dinners

We know that low fat diet meals aren’t the health food they claim to be, but just in case you needed another reason to get those processed foods out of your freezer, Lean Cuisine issued a recall after a customer found a piece of hard plastic in her spaghetti and meatballs.

The Lean Cuisine recall effects their “Simple Favorite Spaghetti With Meatballs” that have a sell by date of November 2011 and establishment number EST 7991. The suspect meals were in stores east of the Rocky Mountains and came from a distribution center in South Carolina.

While you’re checking the freezer for those recalled Lean Cuisines, you might take a peek at the ingredients and nutritional information on other diet and frozen meals. Most conventional frozen foods contain a slough of unhealthy chemical additives and are low in fiber. Frozen dinners are convenient, but recalls like this one from Lean Cuisine underscore the benefit of preparing fresh, healthy foods.

This isn’t the first Lean Cuisine recall. Back in 2008, they recalled 900,000 pounds worth of meals after one customer was injured and several others found pieces of blue plastic in their meals.

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  1. your article mentions that frozen food dishes usually have bad chemical additives. I eat one every day for lunch because it’s easy to take and the front of the box notes amounts of protein, fiber, etc. that seems to add up to a reasonably healthy meal. I am the kind of person that has the patience to take lunch if it takes 5 seconds to get; any more and it’s to the deli for lunch and the calories that go with that. any suggestions for a l.c. replacement given my limitations?

    1. Interesting question. Do you cook yourself dinners? The easiest sub is probably to cook an extra portion in the evenings, then bring leftovers for lunch. It’s still quick and easy to heat up, but you have much more control over what’s in the meal and can make sure it’s got plenty of whole grains and veggies!

    2. Another thing you can do is prep vegetables for salads at the beginning of the week. Though this won’t work for everything (especially tomatoes) having peppers, onion, zucchini, cucumbers, etc. prepped ahead of time makes it a lot easier to throw a salad together.

      I dropped processed foods and the microwave 1 1/2 years ago and not only did I lose more weight than I thought I needed to, I feel a million times better.

      Like Becky suggested, I also will make an extra serving at dinner and pack it up for lunch. If you don’t like the idea of leftovers, sometimes when I am making my dinner, I’ll get something going for lunch too. My favorite is sauteed veggies on salads. Garlic, onion, peppers, asparagus, even broccoli or whatever you like is a great salad topper after being tossed in a hot pan with olive oil.

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