Leading Hospital System Takes Stand Against Animal Cloning and GE Ingredients

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is a San Francisco, CA based system of 41 hospitals and medical centers in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

This national leading Catholic hospital system is now leading the nation in more ways than one.

CHW has made the decision to use food suppliers who have agreed to seek out alternatives to foods made with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients or cloned animals.

Included in CHW’s new food policy is GE sugar beets, which just recently have been introduced into the nation’s food supply, as well as meat and dairy products from cloned animals, which the FDA has decided to allow.

According to the Organic Consumers Association,

The CHW position was developed in recognition of the serious health and environmental concerns these technologies raise and the threat they pose to healthier and more sustainable food production options.ย  Among the concerns CHW is raising about GE and cloned foods are genetic contamination, increased pesticide use, animal cruelty, and the deep ethical and moral issues associated with these untested new technologies.

Hopefully because of CHW making this monumental decision, more companies such as other health care facilities, and even schools will follow their lead to avoid these potentially harmful ingredients.

Image credit: Rudis Fotos under flickr Creative Commons license.

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6 thoughts on “Leading Hospital System Takes Stand Against Animal Cloning and GE Ingredients”

  1. That’s great news – finally someone taking this issue seriously. It seems like gmo foods has been invisible and barely recognized by mainstream media and yet is so important as it deals with food security. Neither the US or Canadian governments are willing at this time to mandate labelling for gmo-foods (are you listening Barak Obama?) taking away the consumer’s right to choose whether they want to risk exposing themselves and their families to something for which there are no long term studies.
    With companies like Monsanto leading the gmo way we are loosing our right to good clean food. there’s a short 10 min video that gives a good overview about this

  2. Do you mind if I re-post this blog on my website at vigilantfoods.com? You will be getting full credit for all your work, at it will be very clearly stated.

  3. It is interesting the a Catholic system would go against the Pope on this one. Their list of concerns also makes no sense with regard to the GM sugarbeets. There is actually a reduction of pesticide use in that case and a shift to a very safe herbicide. Exactly what genetic “contamination” occurs by outcrossing of sugar beets? If you look where they are grown what related plants are even there? GM is not an “untested technology” and by repeating that phrase these folks reveal that their investigation of this issue is probably about as extensive as reading a few alarmist web sites. Perhaps these folks should stick to a topic that that understand (hopefully) like medicine. When you look at the statistics for deaths from hospital-borne infections it would seem to me that this system has far more important things to work on than the source of their sugar.

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