Lawsuit Against USDA for GM Alfalfa Deregulation

Alfalfa Fields in Idaho, by Sam Beebe

The Center for Food Safety and Earthjustice teamed up to file a lawsuit against the USDA for their approval of GM alfalfa.

This sounds a lot like what happened with Monsanto’s sugar beets lastย  August and with GM alfalfa back in 2007.

While there are questions about the safety of any GM crop, alfalfa is particularly worrisome to the organic dairy industry. It’s a major feed crop, and has a much higher risk of cross-contamination than other GM crops. You can’t put an organic label on milk from cows that ate GM-contaminated feed.

Civil Eats published a great, comprehensive piece on this new GM alfalfa lawsuit and its implications. I encourage you guys to check it out!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Sam Beebe

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