Label GMOs: Infographic

Sugar Beets.
Sugar beets, which produce the bulk of our sugar here in the U.S., are often genetically modified. That means anything with "sugar" on the label could contain GMOs.

One of my biggest problems with genetically engineered foods is that biotech companies love to talk about how superior their GM foods are, yet they resist any push to label foods that contain GMOs. Seems a little bit fishy to me!

We’re seeing a bit of progress on the GMO food labels front, thanks in no small part to campaigns like Just Label It. Last week, Civil Eats released an infographic laying out why genetically modified foods should have labels on them, and the reasons are compelling. For me, it’s all about choice. As consumers, we have a right to know what we’re putting into our bodies and what we are feeding our children and our pets. If GM foods are so safe, what’s the problem with labeling them?

GMO labels infographic

If you want to learn more about GMO labeling and how you can take action, head on over to Just Label It!

Image Credits: Creative Commons photo by mendesrocha; Infographic via Just Label It

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  1. My name is Rachel, and I am a junior at Albion College. I am currently taking an environmental communication class, and we just talked about this topic the other day. I agree 100% that GE foods need labels. My question for you- what about golden rice, and crops that have been altered to have “better” nutritional value in nations with food shortages? What should be done about those modified foods?

    1. I think that all GMO foods need labels, regardless of the engineering. If someone monkeyed with the genes, I want to know, so that I can decide for myself. If these foods really are superior, companies have nothing to hide, right?

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