Kitchen Gardens, Perennial Berries, and Growing Balanced Meals


The Important Media community has been sharing some really wonderful tips on growing your own food, and I wanted to pass along a few of my favorites to you guys!

Kitchen Gardening: Sprouting Your Own Seeds
At Insteading, Michele Decoteau talks about the health benefits of sprouting seeds and shares some tips on how to start sprouting at home.

Four Amazing and Unusual Perennial Berries
Ecolocalizer’s Dylan Linet talks about some edible berries that you might never have heard of that are easy to grow in a variety of different climates.

Growing Balanced Meals in Your Own Garden
Another Ecolocalizer writer, Urban Artichoke, shares garden planning tips for growing legumes so that you can get some protein out of your gardening efforts.

Have you guys run across any good food-growing tips, either on the network or elsewhere? Let’s swap ideas in the comments!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by julie@organikal

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