Kitchen Divided: Review and Vegan Recipe!

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Have you been thinking about going vegan but are worried that it will be too hard, because your partner is an omnivore, or are you already vegan with an omni partner? Kitchen Divided might just make your food life a little bit easier.

That second description fits my family to a t. My husband is an omnivore, and I have been vegan since 2006. This book would have been a big help when we were first navigating a shared kitchen. Luckily, my husband is super amazing, and we were able to find a situation that worked for us, and I was pretty jazzed to see that it was the ideal scenario that Ellen Jaffe Jones describes in Kitchen Divided. She lays out a few different possibilities, such as:

  1. no meat at all in the house
  2. each person cooking totally separate meals
  3. most meals are vegan, but if the omnivore wants animal products, (s)he cooks it him or herself. Often to supplement the meal.

A combination of approaches #2 and #3 have worked really well for us. Mostly, I do the cooking, and my husband eats the vegan dishes that I prepare. Sometimes, we share the cooking. He will grill himself a steak or pork chop and prepare a vegan sausage or veggie burger for me (we have designated meat and veggie sides to our grill), and I make vegan sides. If we are ordering take out, he tends to go for meat, and I order vegan dishes. Sometimes we get extra decadent and order from separate restaurants.

Kitchen Divided walks you through the three scenarios above along with a couple of other ones and lays out the pros and cons of each one. It’s all about finding what works for your family, so it’s definitely worth looking through all of the detailed scenarios with your partner and deciding how to approach your divided kitchen.

What I love about this book is that she doesn’t just talk about making that situation work, but she also includes some vegan 101 information and a ton of delicious vegan recipes that even your omni partner will love!

Click here for the No-Beef Bourguignon recipe!

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words and taking the time to review, Becky! JC, I sometimes joke in my cooking classes, “Hope you love the food because we’ll all be vegan in 30 years (maybe less) whether we want to be or not.” As a former TV investigative/consumer reporter for 18 years, it is hard to dispute that the reality of climate change. Growing numbers of studies say the huge amount of water and land to feed the world’s population a meat-based diet is not sustainable.

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