Kids Who Love to Cook

Kids Who Love to Cook is a web site that makes cooking fun and interesting for kids ages 8-16.

Seven kids demonstrate cooking tips, how-tos, and recipes in an accessible manner. The recipes they make reflect their own tastes โ€“ Bella calls herself a Japanese food expert, while Padma says she’s a vegetarian with a sweet tooth.

It’s not just recipe demonstrations, though. Among the knife lessons and delicious foods, there are also some food trips. The kids travel to see how cheese, maple syrup, and honey are produced and more trips are planned in the future. There’s also a page for kids to submit their own recipes.

If the site catches your interest or that of your kids’, Kids Who Love to Cook is holding auditions for kid cooks and bakers to join the team. The auditions are all over the U.S., plus Toronto and Mexico City.

How to Slice, Chop, and Dice


Breakfast with Champions, Baked Spanish Eggs with Sarah Reinertsen

Image of sliced jalapeno peppers by qnsagetyrtle, used with Creative Commons license.

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