Kickstarter Success: Merchant Park Community Garden

community gardenWe love Kickstarter around here. For folks who aren’t familiar, it’s a fundraising tool where people working on creative projects can post a heartfelt pitch for funding, and anyone who wants to support the project can kick in to help out. We’ve shared a number of food-related projects that are seeking Kickstarter funding, but today I ran across a food-related Kickstarter project that was super cool and has already surpassed its funding goal!

Don’t you just love good news?

The Merchant Park Community Garden raised $2633. That’s $383 more than their $2250 goal. They’re going to use the money to turn a vacant lot in their Chicago, IL neighborhood into a food garden to feed their families and families in the neighborhood who have trouble putting fresh food on the table. Check out their bluesy pitch video for more deets:

They talk about the garden “fostering community” and reaching out to the neighborhood kids, and I think these are a couple of the one of the most powerful ways that a community garden can impact communities.

The garden had its ribbon cutting on May 7th, thanks in part to the Kickstarter funds that they were able to raise, and there’s an active online community where you can see what’s up with the garden!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Emily Barney

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