KFC’s Reusable Side Container

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Any time a large company makes even a small green step, the impact is pretty huge. That’s the what KFC is going for with their new, reusable side dish container.

They’re replacing their styrofoam containers with new, plastic ones that customers can wash and use multiple times. According to Earth and Industry, the containers use less energy to produce and will help reduce waste. The plastic containers are also recyclable.

I wonder what percentage of KFC’s customers will actually hang on to those containers and use them again. If you’re grabbing fast food, chances are you’re on the go. While some people might be willing to carry that container around for the rest of the day, I’m betting that many will toss them into the trash.

Now, if they’d just stop serving factory farmed chicken and using paper products that contribute to deforestation, they’d really be getting somewhere!

What do you guys think? Do you see this switch making a big impact? Does it offset some of the company’s other problematic practices? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “KFC’s Reusable Side Container”

  1. Regardless if people do choose to reuse the side dish containers, it’s a fast food joint trying to step up and do something positive. At the very least, they are pushing the idea that reusing is better than tossing. Push that idea long enough and people will start to listen.

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