Keep Pink Slime Out of Burgers (Petition)

McDonalds Hamburger

Looking for another reason to avoid red meat? “Pink slime” might just do the trick.

We’ve talked about so-called “pink slime” around here before, and now there’s a petition targeting the FDA asking them to ban the stuff. In case you’re not familiar with pink slim or “Boneless Lean Beef,” as it’s known in the industry, here’s a description from the petition:

Pink Slime is combination of fats and meats so unsafe for human consumption that it must be soaked in ammonia and centrifuged. This is done so that the meat industry can save 3 cents a pound when selling it.

This Pink Slime is in most of the ground beef in the USA. Furthermore, it is found in a lot of fast food, canned foods, children’s school lunches, and even in fresh ground beef bought at the local grocery store.

If you want to get heard, you can sign the Care2 petition asking the FDA to ban pink slime.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by slice

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