Just Who Will ‘Eat the View’ at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

One of these men can lead by example and grow veggies at his new house!Guest contributor Pamela Price is the founder of Red, White & Grew, a blog devoted to “Promoting the Victory Garden Revival and other simple, earth-friendly endeavors as bipartisan, patriotic acts in an age of uncertainty.”

Ever encountered a video, blog or web site online and thought to yourself, “Oh, yeah…that’s gonna be hay-uge!”?

I had that reaction recently upon viewing YouTube.com’s “This Lawn is Your Lawn“. The short and quirky video illustrates how Kitchen Gardeners’ International founder Roger Doiron was inspired to launch EatTheView.org, an online campaign to plant vegetable gardens in high-profile locations like the White House Lawn.

Although I signed on to the ETV initiative weeks ago (as well as the related OnDayOne.com petition), seeing Roger’s video was still a personal A-ha! moment. For bloggers, authors, foodies and gardeners like me hoping to spark a bipartisan national victory garden revival, it’s great fun…satisfying even…to watch Roger dig up part of his front lawn online and then make the case for why the new president should follow suit next spring.

Think about it…a presidential vegetable bed would go a long way to educating the public about the environmental and health benefits of home gardens and local produce. The yield could be delivered to Washington-area charities, underscoring the value of urban and suburban gardens in providing food security.  Personally, as a garden-lovin’ foodie, I’m hoping that the new administration will also sponsor a harvest-themed supper and serve it, formal state dinner-style, to a diverse cadre of ordinary Americans once a year.

Honestly, can you think of a better advertisement for a national shift toward creating more sustainable food systems? Or a way to celebrate the role of farmers and gardeners in sustaining our country through uncertain times, just as they did in WWI & WWII-era victory gardens?

A heckuva lot of people seem to dig the idea. Since July 30, when Roger first posted “This Lawn is Your Lawn,” the video has been viewed over ten thousand times. With burgeoning media interest in San Francisco’s massive new victory garden and the edible estates trend, I’m gonna bet that thirty thousand people…if not more…view it by the end of August. If you like homegrown food and think more Americans should grow their own, you owe it to yourself to check the video out. Afterward, head over to EatTheView.org, where you can download cool widgets and images like the one accompanying this post for use on your site.

Oh, and if you’ve got a victory garden at home…or are planning one, please be sure to sign on to FoodshedPlanet.com’s Victory Garden Drive 2008. Experienced and new gardeners alike are needed to make this revival a reality. That’s right…Uncle Sam needs you to join this grassroots revival!

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6 thoughts on “Just Who Will ‘Eat the View’ at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?”

  1. When Obama becomes the first of so many firsts in January, 2009, perhaps he can also be the first parent whose pre-teen daughters regularly help him in the White House vegetable garden. My 9-year-old would much rather play with her American Girl doll, ride around on her scooter, and watch High School Musical then pull weeds and plant lettuce seeds in my garden with me….

  2. Maybe they could incorporate a school garden into the next HSM, Sarah? ;-)

    Come to think of it, didn’t Troy take Gabriella to the rooftop garden in the first one? Now if they’d just make Troy Trowels…

  3. I would love, love, love to see a Victory Garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and I’m available to serve as Kitchen Cabinet member #1. Plant the World…Grow Yourself!

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