Juicing Recipes and Smoothie Tips in One Kickass Video

Juicing Recipes and Smoothie Tips in One Kickass Video

Have you been wanting to get in on the smoothie and juicing goodness but weren’t sure where to start? This hilarious video shares some awesome, down-to-earth smoothie tips and juicing recipes to get you going!

Unlike sugary fruit juice, vegetable juices actually can be part of a healthy regimen. Vegetables tend to be naturally low in sugar, so you can load up on veggie juice without adding too much extra sugar to your diet. If you’re new to veggie juice, though, finding good juicing recipes can be a little bit daunting.

That’s why I am totally loving this video from veggie superstar and author of Meat is for Pussies, John Joseph. In the video below, he talks about making smoothies, juicing recipes, and why juicing is great for your health, whether you’re a lady or a dude. Who says a plant-based lifestyle is just for ladies? Not this guy! Joseph is proof that veganism is as fit for dudes as it is for women.

My favorite part of this video after the great juicing recipes and tips is the stellar demo on how to properly use your Vitamix to make your smoothies. It took me a few smoothies to figure out that I should start on a slow speed, then gradually increase in variable mode before switching to high. If you go straight to high, the goods all fly up against the sides of the carafe and don’t blend.

Β Juicing Recipes and Smoothie Tips: More Homemade Goodness!

Are you super inspired to make your own awesome veggie juices and smoothies at home? Here are some resources to keep it going:

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