Juicing for Health: 3 Vegetables to Boost Your Juice

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You’ve drunk your apples and oranges, you’ve drunk your grapefruit, and most people have even drunk their pineapples. But have you ever drunk your salad?

Juicing your vegetables is a healthy way to get more veggies into your diet, and juicing your green vegetables is probably one of the healthiest things you can do. Your body will thank you many times over for supplying it with a party of essential and super healthy vitamins and minerals on a daily basis.

In fact some green juices are so healthy that they may seem to have magic healing powers. That magic is really science and just our body’s natural way of responding to the nutrients in these healthy veggies. Vegetable juices are even linked to disease prevention. Let’s take a look at three vegetables that are ripe for jucing and have dramatic health effects.

Side Note: These three vegetables may not be the best tasting (depending on your personal taste buds) at first; they’re sort of an acquired taste. You can mix your green vegetables with vegetables like celery, cucumber or carrots (the one fruit you could use would be apples) to improve the taste. Ultimately, as a good rule of thumb, you want to limit your green vegetables to 1/4 of the total end product.

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage may help heal ulcers in people that have had both duodenal ulcers as well gastric ulcers. What is the magic ingredient? Vitamin U, which actually isn’t a vitamin at all – just a name given to the enzyme S methyl methionine.

This relatively unknown “vitamin” was first discovered to have ulcer healing powers when it was tested in guinea pigs. Vitamin U is an anti-peptic ulcer factor. What it does is prevent the histamine-induced development of the ulcer before it even starts, allowing your body to heal any existing ulcers and prevent new ones.

You should look for cabbage with leaves that are full with color (either red or green).

Cucumber Juice

With everyone these days searching for the purest type of water there is, they should look no further than cucumber juice! Cucumbers are made up of a substantial amount of water (96%) and the water is naturally distilled making it far superior to ordinary water.

Cucumber juice is a natural body coolant, so you will enjoy it most on a hot summer day. Not only that, but its skin is a great source of vitamin A – so don’t peel it off when you are juicing.

Cucumbers are also known for helping with acne, detoxification, and stomach problems. They are the perfect thirst quencher, so drop things like Gatorade and Aquafina and start juicing them!


Kale has an interesting trait. Chlorophyll, a substance that is most well known for making the leaves green in plants, was shown to have an effect on our hemoglobin (basically the human version of chlorophyll). Hemoglobin is the substance in our blood that is responsible for transmitting oxygen and in the 1940’s studies found that chlorophyll enhances our ability to improve hemoglobin production – making it easier for our bodies to transport our oxygen intake.

In fact chlorophyll is great for sorts of cell production and can even help prevent and help heal radiation damage. It allows for fast healing in cells because it stimulates the growth of new cells while also simultaneously inhibiting the growth of bacteria – leading to exponential growth. It is ironic that chlorophyll – a substance found strictly in green plants – helps our cells so much. But then again – all life starts with plants!

Adding any of these veggies to your juicing routine will boost your juice’s nutritional value and benefit your health. What’s your favorite veggie combination for juicing?

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by freshandfoodie

This article was written by Philip Rudy. Philip helps to run and maintain Monavie.com, which is a company that provides a healthy drink called Monavie acai juice.

2 thoughts on “Juicing for Health: 3 Vegetables to Boost Your Juice”

  1. I love juicing cabbage with lemon, apple and cucumber. Important to note however that cabbage juices should be consumed promptly because it ferments rapidly if left to it’s own magical process!

  2. Wow …these smoothies are brilliant!
    Whatever I put in the liquidizer tastes fab.
    Todays breakfast
    1/4 avocado
    1/2 banana
    few blueberries
    few red currants
    2 baby tomatoes
    1/2 apple
    3 mint leaves
    small piece fresh ginger
    All mixed with cranberry juice …delicious!!

    And it lasts me thru’ to lunch time..

    Happy vegan eating xx

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