Jennifer Lopez Gets ‘On the Floor’ with Her Vegan Diet

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Jennifer Lopez, the 44-year-old pop superstar is reportedly launching a line of vegan supplements. The news comes after Lopez went on a 22-day vegan diet in order to lose weight for her upcoming “AKA” album launch.

Raised in a Puerto Rican family, Lopez admits the vegan diet has been a big change for her. “I enjoy eating [vegan]. I never did. And I didn’t know how good you can feel when you put healthy stuff in your body,” she said recently.

Now, Lopez is stepping up her new health commitment by creating her own line of vegan-friendly health supplements, reports The details on the supplements haven’t been released yet, but Lopez made the announcement recently while visiting the Bronx in New York, her hometown. She’s also launched a healthy eating campaign aimed at reducing the obesity rate in the borough, which is around 50 percent, currently.

She said to the crowd in attendance: “I grew up on rice and beans and pork chops… (Change is) scary… But all it means is making grains and fruits and vegetables the main part of every meal we make… This (obesity level) has to change. We have to start doing good things for ourselves now.”

The news couldn’t come at a better time for New York residents either as the controversial soda ban proposed by former mayor Michael Bloomberg was recently shot down in court for the final time.

Lopez joins a growing list of celebrities who are turning to the vegan diet in order to lose weight, improve their health and protect the environment. Former president Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Usher, Joaquin Phoenix, Russell Brand, Moby, Carrie Underwood and Morrissey are just some examples of celebrity vegans.

No word yet if her vegan diet will inspire her to reformulate Glow, her perfume that’s surely full of unhealthy ingredients.


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