Jason Schwartzman and Farm Sanctuary on What to Eat

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A new Farm Sanctuary short film looks at the environmental impacts of our food choices.

The film, What to Eat?, narrated by actor Jason Schwartzman, talks about the impacts of intensive animal agriculture on the planet and steps that you can take to make a difference. Here’s the 4:30 short, in full:

We’ve talked here before on the power of your food choices to impact the environment and the environmental impacts of eating meat. Eating a plant based diet is better for your health and for the planet, and it’s great to see stars like Jason Schwartzman and organizations like Farm Sanctuary showing that eating a veg*n diet is not just healthy but delicious!

Looking for more meatless meal ideas or tips on eating more plant-based foods? Check out our Vegan and Vegetarian section or our Eating Vegan series! You can also head over to Plate to Planet to read more on factory farming and pledge to be meat free for a day, a month, or a lifetime.

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3 thoughts on “Jason Schwartzman and Farm Sanctuary on What to Eat”

  1. That is a quite a strong argument, I wish I can make better alternative choices in my diet, but I know with my stubborn streak it will be pretty hard to change.

    1. Any lifestyle change is tough, and I think it’s all about doing what you can, when you can. No one says you have to go totally vegan right away or even ever. Maybe you could commit to one meatless meal a week and go from there.

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