Jason Mraz And Some Cool Polar Bears Teach You The Unhealthy Truth About Soda

The Real Bears Pour One Out - Do Away With Sugary Drinks

The music video catches your attention with a strong statement:

“It wasn’t so bad when soft drinks were the occasional treat. But now sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in the American diet. With one third of America overweight and another third obese, it’s a wonder anyone is still swallowing what the soda companies are selling.”

It goes on to share the story of a polar bear family experiencing the real dangers of sugary drinks and encouraging you to pour them out!

Through this video, we learn that an extra sugary drink each day increases a child’s risk of obesity by 60%. We see that one or two sugary drinks a day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 25%. Oh, and now we know that diabetes is the cause of more than 60,000 amputations a year.

I encourage you to watch, listen, and share this catchy Jason Mraz and MC Flow tune and the video it accompanies.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myxwCEGcBYc]

Now it’s up to you. How many sugary drinks will your family consume this week?

Image Credit: http://www.therealbears.org

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