Is Vitamin D from Sunshine Enough?

Milk is a source of vitamin D through fortification

Most people know that Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight hitting the skin, and that most of us who live in temperate climates typically do not get enough through sunlight, so it is supplemented through milk and cereals. It can also be obtained through eggs, fish and other animal products, but for vegans, it can be particularly tricky to get enough vitamin D and calcium.

Many people, particularly the elderly are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D regulates bone health, as well as many other bodily functions. Deficiencies can cause bone problems, and as it is often forgotten, simply understanding that Vitamin D affected bone health basically eradicated rickets.

Researchers have developed a new test to determine the amounts of different forms of Vitamin D the body obtains from diet and sunlight, Vitamin D2 and D3 respectively. This will help doctors and researchers better determine Vitamin D deficiencies in people.

According to Professor Naughton, a lead researcher:

“Our new test can individually measure all the forms of vitamin D that matter, and potentially help us to understand exactly what is causing any deficiency. Perhaps people just need more sun, or maybe they should be looking much more closely at their diet too.”

The hope is that development will lead to further trials exploring Vitamin D deficiencies and its effect on other medical conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Source: Science Daily

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by NickPiggott

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3 thoughts on “Is Vitamin D from Sunshine Enough?”

  1. One problem with Vit D absorption via sun exposure is the fact that we wash away most of the Vit D we convert when we bathe and shower daily. Those who bathe and shower less frequently and who only use soap for the seriously dirty bits, was off the converted Vit D less and therefore actually absorb it.

  2. Half hour exposure to full sunlight, either directly via the sun or proper indoor lamps, causes the average body to produce 20-25,000 (THAT’S RIGHT… THOUSAND!!!) international units of “Vitamin” (actualy a hormone)D3″.
    The pharmaceutical giants can’t stop the spread of the scientific fact of what sunlight does FOR us (they’ve done a great job until now!)forever. They have started admitting to the fact of the importance of D3 but they want us to think that only 600 international units is sufficient and that you can get that from dietary sources.

    That’s bull!

    Those giants can’t survive on a healthy popoulation that doesn’t need their trillions of dollars of “mask the symptom” medications.
    Do you think that either Mother Nature (evolution) or G-d would have put us naked under the sun IF it was going to kill us????


    If you think sunlight is harmful, try living without it!!!!

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