Introducing the Vegg!

The VeggPart of going vegan, on top of all the great things about giving up meat and dairy, is that you have to rethink what you consider traditional food. Things like steak and potatoes or cheesy queso dip are dishes of the past.

So, it’s always fun when a new product comes out that brings back a little memory of a favorite forgotten food – foodstalgia if you will.

The Vegg is a pretty-darn-close replica of a good ole’ fried egg and it just rolled out this year. Just add water! There are other egg substitutes on the market like Ener-G and baking with applesauce or Sprite, but this is the nearest offering I’ve seen that allows the same greasy breakfast feel that traditional eggs would, without the cruelty.

But before you start thinking, oh, but it’s processed. Well, yeah. Sort of. But it’s not as bad as one would think.

The Vegg is soy-free, gluten-free and contains no trans-fats or cholesterol. Additionally, according to a pre-release of the nutritional label and a detailed breakdown of ingredients, one serving size has 10 calories and zero grams of fat. There’s not much to it. In fact, the main ingredient is fortified nutritional yeast.

Plus, the recipes on the website look amazing, with things like Vegg egg noodles, fritatas and VegNog!

Check out the nutritional info here.

Image Credit: The Vegg, official Facebook page

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