Product Review: the Incredible Edible Vegg!

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Introduced earlier this year, the Vegg replaces egg yolks to facilitate easy and delicious egg-free cooking. I’ve been playing around with Veggs in the kitchen for the last couple weeks, and the jury is in: I like ’em!

Vegg Deets

Veggs come in powder form; you mix up the ‘yolks’ by blending the powder with water. They’re soy-free and gluten-free, making Veggs very user-friendly for folks with food allergies.The powder contains nutritional yeast, black salt (kala namak), sodium alginate, and beta carotene.

It’s important to mix the Vegg with a blender, or the texture won’t be right — for small ‘single-egg’ preparation, an immersion blender works well.

The Vegg offers ‘eggy’ flavor and yolk-like texture; it doesn’t cook up like a fried egg on its own, but with a few other ingredients even that can be arranged!

Using the Vegg

I’m most excited about the Vegg for use in French toast, pancakes, scrambles, and other stovetop breakfast-themed recipes. The french toast I made with the Vegg was absolutely excellent! I also used Veggs as 1:1 replacement for a nonvegan pancake recipe calling for eggs, using the conversion rate of 2 ounces prepared Vegg per one traditional chicken’s egg: it worked really well, and I will absolutely use Veggs again for such recipe veganization!

Veggs add delicious flavor to tofu scrambles, thanks to the eggy-tasting kala namak. Even if you already make a mean tofu scramble, try adding  2-4 ounces of blended Vegg to your favorite eggless scramble recipe: it adds an extra level of yum!

The Vegg works well in baking, for cornbread and quickbreads and desserts. I found it to be about equivalent to the eggless binder powder that I usually use in baking; but for new vegan cooks the Vegg is probably a little easier, since it’s a ready-made mix.

It’s also reportedly great for dipping toast, if you used to like toast-and-eggs with runny yolks before going vegan — I didn’t, myself, so didn’t try Veggs that way.

Overall the Vegg is a neat new tool in the toolbox, for easy and delicious egg-free cooking. You can order Vegg powder through, or through any of these suppliers — and 10% of net Vegg sales will be donated to Compassion Over Killing through 2014.

Go here to check out some tasty recipes utilizing the incredible edible Vegg… Bon appetit!

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by Brown Betty.

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3 thoughts on “Product Review: the Incredible Edible Vegg!”

  1. I already use kala namak (black salt) in my tofu scramble and any other dish I want a slightly “eggy” flavor added to – it is GREAT! I am still scrambling (haha, sorry, bad pun) to find uses for the container of Vegg powder I bought a while back.
    Might try the French Toast, though we have a recipe we already love.

    1. Yeah, if you’re already a proficient veggie cook it might not knock your socks off as much… but I think it’s a neat pantry boost for folks just getting into eggless cooking. :-)

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