In Season Now: Apples

In Season Now

Crisp autumn weather creates the perfect setting for visits to the apple orchard. Are apples that nutritious? Read more to find out!

Michigan is known for it’s many apple orchards, and the instant they become in season, several trips to the orchard are a must. It becomes an all day affair with family and friends on hayrides to the far corner of the orchard to pick the most ripened trees. The day ends with a glass of warm, fresh cider on a huge bale of hay. So, does an apple a day keep the doctor away? What does the apple have that your body wants?

Apple Nutrition
A medium apple, the size of a baseball, has about 95 calories. The perfect size for a healthy snack. The apple’s claim to fame with nutrients is vitamin C and fiber. One whole apple has about 15% the vitamin C a grown adult needs. Vitamin C is an antioxidant involved with many cancer preventing processes in the body. It also keeps skin and other membranes healthy and boosts the immune system (perfect for the upcoming winter months.)

Fiber, as we all are discovering, is one of the most important nutrients. It keeps food moving along in the intestine, like a “work-out” for your gut. Since the food moves through your system regularly (with the right amount of fiber) this also prevents cancers. The food waste doesn’t stay in your system long enough to create issues with your intestinal walls. Apples, with the skin on, have about 5 grams of fiber. Fiber is found in both the flesh and skin.

Apple Ideas: How to Prepare Them
Chop and dip in peanut butter
Thinly slice a sharp flavored cheese, and place on slices
Dice and add to homemade pizza
Peel, dice, and cook down for homemade apple sauce (with sugar and cinnamon)
Make apple pie or apple crisp (STAY TUNED FOR A RECIPE LATER THIS WEEK!)
Coat in caramel and nuts for the perfect autumn treat

Image credit to creative commons user zenhikers

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