IKEA Gets In on Healthy Fast Food with Vegan Meatballs

IKEA Gets In on Healthy Fast Food with Vegan Meatballs

You’ll be able to get healthy fast food at IKEA starting this spring. IKEA vegan meatballs are coming to their stores.

IKEA Gets In on Healthy Fast Food with Vegan Meatballs

Leave it to the good folks at IKEA to try the impossible. No, the furniture chain will not actually be assembling its furniture for you. How about offering healthy fast food instead?

That’s right, the Swedish furniture retailer that keeps the Allen wrench people in business, is reportedly going to begin offering vegan Swedish meatballs in its U.S. locations this spring. (You know that meaty scent wafting through the IKEA stores isn’t from husbands sweating about putting the furniture together all night long instead of watching sports. IKEA actually sells Swedish meatballs on site.)

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), IKEA was experimenting with offering vegetarian meatballs, but the animal rights group pressured the chain into making the upgrade to really healthy fast food by making the meatballs totally vegan.

“PETA hears every day from shoppers calling for animal-friendly on-the-go options. Vegan snacks spare animals suffering and benefit human health, which earns IKEA a round of applause from us,” the group wrote on its website.

It’s not clear whether or not the IKEA vegan meatballs will be served in the store cafes alongside the other meatball options, or if these will only be sold to take home and cook. But either way, it’s progress for animals and for offering consumers healthy fast food options.

“In addition to sparing animals immense suffering on factory farms, in abattoirs and on the decks of fishing boats, vegans are less prone to suffering from heart disease, diabetes, strokes, obesity and cancer than meat-eaters are,” PETA reports. “They also have smaller carbon footprints, as the meat industry is a major producer of the greenhouse-gas emissions that cause climate change.”

The new IKEA vegan meatballs will be available in stores beginning in April. Don’t quote me on this, but I believe there is no assembly required.

IKEA image via Håkan Dahlström

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