Top Iconic American Foods — And The Winner Is…?

Eggs with Green Chile SauceWhat are the top iconic foods of America? USA Today and 10Best let their readers vote to decide. After tens of thousands of votes, New Mexico’s Green Chile Sauce tops the list!

Sit down in most any restaurant in New Mexico, order up a meal, and your server will ask: “Red or green?” Chile sauce, that is. Because a New Mexican meal without chile sauce is… well… not really a New Mexican meal. Can’t decide between red and green? Ask for “Christmas” and you won’t have to choose. I’ve had the opportunity to string chiles into ristras with my sister, who lives in Albuquerque and loves her green chiles. This one’s for you sis.

This weekend is the annual Hatch Chile Festival, a world-renowned celebration of the chiles grown in New Mexico’s Hatch valley. If you love to travel for food, get your butt to New Mexico or one of the other mouth-watering areas on the top 10 list of iconic American foods.

  1. Albuquerque – Green Chile Sauce
  2. Baltimore – Maryland Crabs
  3. Wisconsin – Fried Cheese Curds
  4. Memphis – Pulled Pork
  5. Philadelphia – Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
  6. Charleston, SC – Shrimp and Grits
  7. Chicago – Italian Beef Sandwiches
  8. Indianapolis – Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches
  9. New Orleans – Boiled Crawfish
  10. Key West – Key Lime Pie

How many of these regional delights have you enjoyed?

Image Credit: Huevos Divorciados via Shutterstock

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4 thoughts on “Top Iconic American Foods — And The Winner Is…?”

  1. You go, Mary!! New Mexico’s official state question is: “Red or green?” (I’m not making that up.)

    Chile (if it comes from New Mexico, it’s spelled with an “e”) is high in vitamins A and C and beta-carotene, contains vitamins B and E and is a good source of potassium and iron. They are cholesterol-free, increase metabolism and spur the release of endorphins. What’s not to love? Plus, if you can’t cook (like me), you just add some green chile and it covers a multitude of bad cooking decisions.

    Make sure your chiles are coming from Hatch, New Mexico. There are impostors from other places but the unique soil/climate of the Hatch area produce the New Mexico jewels.

    Thanks for spreading the word, Mary!

    1. I knew you’d love it! I have a bag of frozen, roasted hatch chiles in my freezer right now. And about 5 fresh ones. What should I do with them? Thanks for the info!

  2. Margo Visitacion

    First time I heard someone say Christmas, I did a double take! A top ten list is not a top ten list without having a Philly Cheese Steak. Religious wars have been started over who’s got the best.

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