AgLocal Wants To Bring Humanely Raised Meat To Your Tables

AgLocal Brings Power To The Meat Lover

By now, you know I’m an omnivore, and I believe a good steak can cure many ills. I’ve also gained a lot of insight into the methods used to produce most of the meat we buy in grocery stores. It’s not a pretty picture. I do my best these days to seek out humanely raised meat products to cook at home and to order when we eat out.

So I’m ecstatic to see a new online meat marketplace, AgLocal, whose mission is to bring more humanely-raised meats to restaurants everywhere — beginning with San Francisco and Kansas City — but soon to expand. From the AgLocal web site:

“Welcome to AgLocal—the only online platform that allows producers, wholesalers and retailers of responsibly raised meats to connect through one seamless experience. It’s changing the meat industry. It’s creating a simpler distribution paradigm. And it’s bringing Power to the Meat Lover.”


How It Works

AgLocal targets four groups in the humanely raised meat life cycle — Producers, Wholesalers, Retailers, and Consumers — and its online technology platform enables simpler connections between them.

  • Farmers and ranchers who use responsible practices to produce meat create profiles, highlighting their methods, the animals they raise, and why they care. They can reach new customers by joining this online community and telling their stories. AgLocal also provides financial processing functionality to simplify transactions and speed payments.
  • Wholesalers and distributors can also expand their customer base using AgLocal’s database to find new producers and retailers. They benefit from the financial capabilities of the site as well, given the ability to manage invoices and payments online.
  • Retailers, like restaurants and markets, can find sources for responsibly produced meat more easily by connecting with AgLocal’s farmers and ranchers. This means more good meat on our tables. Online payment features streamline their purchases.
  • Consumers will be able to find local restaurants and other providers of good meat by searching retailers in their area. AgLocal also encourages us to raise awareness. Share its mission with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. And join its #EatClear campaign to encourage your favorite local restaurants to connect with AgLocal and its producers. Just tweet: “I want healthier meat options @<Restaurant name>. @AgLocal #EatClear“.

Bottom line, AgLocal empowers us as consumers (and meat lovers) to influence our broken food system and support the fabulous farmers and ranchers who use humane production practices. It’s a young venture, so its online platform and community is still evolving, but with $1 million in funding already secured, it has great potential to succeed and help us make a difference.

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Image Credit: https://www.facebook.com/aglocal

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