How to Store Wine So It Lasts

How to Store Wine So It Lasts

Did you pick up a special bottle of vino, but you’re not ready to pop it open yet? Here’s how to store wine so it ages well instead of turning to vinegar.

We’ve all seen movies where the wealthy gentleman pulls a fancy, 100-year-old bottle from his schmaltzy wine cellar. When stored properly, you really can make wine last for ages. The graphic below goes into some wine stats and how to properly store a bottle, so that it ages well.

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Check out the three top tips in this graphic for properly storing a bottle, plus five bonus tips on how to store wine below!

How to Store Wine so it Lasts

Note: 12 degrees Celsius is around 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

5 More Tips on How to Store Wine

These tips were provided by our supporters at Safestore:

1. Cheap wines are not made to last. Even the best storing techniques won’t help them age well. So crack open that Two Buck Chuck within a year of buying it!

2. The temperature matters, but not as much as you think. Ideal wine storage is anywhere from 44 to 64 degrees Farenheit. Even at a slightly higher temperature, your wine will be fine for a few years. What matters most is keeping that temperature consistent throughout the year. Changes in temperature will impact quality.

3. Humidity matters most for natural corked bottles. If that bottle has a natural cork top, you want a humidity of around 70 percent. For synthetic cork or screw caps, humidity shouldn’t matter so much.

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4. Keep it in the dark. Like essential oils, light is bad news for wine. Store it in a dark place if you want it to age well.

5. Tip it. Like humidity, you only need to store wine bottles on their sides if the top is made from natural cork.

Β Image Credit: Wine photo via Shuttestock

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