How to Start Drinking More Water

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The benefits of drinking water are well noted. Most health experts agree that drinking excess water gives a person plenty of energy for the day. Of course, sometimes that’s easier said than done. So, here are some tips and tricks for drinking more water each day.

Create a Ritual

It is a medical fact that most people wake up dehydrated, to some extent. Think about it: Isn’t the first thing you do in the morning grab some coffee or orange juice before heading out the door to go to work?

Switch those beverages for a few glasses of water in the morning. I have incorporated this into my routine, and once you do it, you will find it easy to add water into other parts of your day, as well.

Add Lemon to Your Water

Many people don’t enjoy drinking water, and I was one of them. That was until I started adding a few squeezes of lemon to it. Even at restaurants you can ask for a lemon and they will be more than happy to provide it.

Keep It Clear

It may not seem pleasant, but it’s a fact that you can check your urine to see if you are properly hydrated. If it’s clear, then you are good. If it’s a dark yellow color, it’s time to start drinking some more water.

Imagine a Beautiful You

There is still a gray area as to the correlation between drinking excess water and having glowing, healthy skin. But why take a chance? Use every psychological trick you can to stay hydrated.

Hot, Hot, Hot

Sometimes we just need a hot drink. That feeling of holding a hot mug in your hands can be refreshing, but coffee and some teas contain caffeine, a diuretic that increases the rate that water expels from your body through urine. It may be unconventional, but try a mug of heated water with lemon the next time you have a craving for a hot drink. If that’s not appealing, opt for naturally decaffeinated tea, like chamomile or peppermint.

Drink Away the Munchies

Sometimes hunger isn’t actually hunger, but it’s thirst masquerading as hunger. Downing a few cups of water can make you feel instantly full.

Keep a Glass or Bottle Handy

The best way to start drinking more water is to keep it nearby when you are working or brainstorming and keep a reusable bottle full of water when you’re on the go. You will instinctively grab for the nearest drink, so why not make it water.

It will take longer than a day to go from drinking no water at all to drinking eight full glasses. Start with two glasses: one in the morning and one at night, and go from there. When it gets tough, especially when you’re out and about, remember that tap water is the cheapest drink option. A soft drink at a restaurant can cost up to $3, while water at a restaurant is FREE! Need I say more?

What do you do to get more water in your daily routine? Share away in the comments!

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  1. I drink enough water, but mostly it’s green tea, which is also very useful. Ordinary pure water so I would not able to drink. Be sure to try your suggestion – add lemon to the water.

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