How to Start a CSA

How to Start a CSA

Ever wondered how to start a CSA? There are some key questions to ask yourself first.

A CSA – community supported agriculture – program is an awesome way for farmers to ensure that they will sell their crops. Customers buy “shares” of your CSA, and in return you deliver fresh, organic produce on a schedule. It could be weekly, every other week, even monthly. When you’re figuring out how to start a CSA in your area, your best bet is to see what other successful CSAs in similar towns are doing, but that’s just the beginning.

Derek Markham at our sister site Ecopreneurist goes into the nitty gritty of how to start a CSA and what questions you need to be asking as you form your business plan. You can read his whole article right here!

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Green Business Ideas: Organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) (via Ecopreneurist)

Everybody eats, and with more and more of us choosing to eat locally grown and organically grown foods, entrepreneurship is booming in the new food economy. Those who love to nurture the soil and feed their community will find that green business ideasโ€ฆ

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