How to Give Up Sugar: Get Some Support

How to Give Up Sugar

Have you been wanting to quit the sweet stuff but weren’t sure how to give up sugar? Support is key!

A sugar-free support group might sound silly, but when you consider that sugar can be pretty darn addictive it seems less so. Liz Thompson at our sister site Feelgood Style is giving up sugar and grains for 30 days, and she’s going to share her progress over there.

She’s only a few days in at this point, and she’s just discovered a resource to help support her through her sugar free challenge. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to give up sugar, following Liz’s journey and using the resources that she finds along the way might help. You can check out her first installment below!

No Sugar Diet :: Feel + Look Better without the White Stuff (via http://feelgoodstyle.com)

A friend of mine is taking the Whole30 challenge starting this week. I was tempted to go along for the ride, and even ate the Whole30 way one day just to see what it was like. Definitely do-able (for 30 days, anyway) but adjustments to diet and mindset…

Image Credit: Eating Cake photo via Shutterstock

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