How to Get Those Pomegranate Seeds [VIDEO]


Pomegranate seeds are delicious. They are also incredibly good for you and have been linked various health benefits (sometimes falsely), as well as increasing libido.

If you’ve never tried one these curious fruits, it’s worth picking one up at the stores to give it a go, but getting at the seeds can be a bit tricky. The juice of the seeds show no relent for staining fingers and clothing and anything else.

I was going to write about my trick for removing the seeds, but this youtube video does a better job than I can do in writing. (If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million.)

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons byย JOE MARINARO

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  1. Ha. I just received two pomegranates in my CSA box yesterday and was saying to my husband: I’m going to have to go on YouTube and find a video on how to eat these! Thanks for saving me the time. Great post!

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