How to Get Rid of Weeds Naturally: 4 Essential Tools

How to Get Rid of Weeds Naturally: 4 Essential Tools I’m officially an urban farmer. After replacing shrubbery with crops, our small backyard (about six one-thousandths of an acre to be more specific) is almost 100% edible. But it wasn’t easy. I had to learn how to get rid of weeds and mint that had taken over a helluva lot of our “acreage.” I couldn’t have done it without these 4 essential tools. Read this before you go on your next weed eradication mission.

1. The Garden Claw

Garden Claw I’ve had this tool for awhile. Without it, I’d still be clearing the farmland. This weed battler’s 4 sharp, strong teeth dig into the dirt, and then — with a hefty turn or two — loosen packed dirt and the weeds within, making it easier to pull those pesky plants. An added bonus: It’s a super upper body workout. The model I have has been discontinued, but I found a similar model at Amazon for $25.

2. The Ho-Mi Korean Hand Plow

Korean Hand PlowMy friends introduced me to this tool that is apparently centuries old. (Where have you been all my life Korean hand plow?) It looks a bit like a swan’s head with a scary sharp beak you can use to dig holes, pull weeds, and loosen soil (all while eliminating pent up anger). And the flat side totally satisfies my obsessive need for level soil. You can get one here. It’s well worth it.

3. Garden Tub Trugs

Garden TrugGet more than 1 of these. Even though my farm is teeny, those weeds stack up, and when I filled up one trug, it was nice to have another on deck. You can also use them to mix and contain soil and hold your harvested bounty. You can find these tub trugs (also called trug tubs) many places in varying sizes and at varying price points. Mine is an awesome aqua and holds 11 gallons.

4. Nitrile/Fabric Gloves — Lots of Them

Nitrile GlovesAs a new urban farmer, I’m trying to embrace the dirt and mud (not to mention the gross, slimy critters I’m encountering every day). But a girl’s got to take care of her hands, right? My favorite everyday glove type is waterproof nitrile rubber on the palms and fingers and lightweight, breathable cloth on the top of the hand. You can get them here for less than 10 bucks. You may as well get a couple of pairs. When you embrace the mud, you get dirty. Being able to swap to a clean pair of gloves makes a difference.

For other weeding tools (and high quality tools for other gardening tasks), check out Garden Tool Company’s web site. And learn about “weeding by chicken” on our sister site EcoLocalizer. What are your favorite weeding tools?

Image Credits: Mary Gerush, Ace Hardware, Kinsman Company, Gardener’s Supply Company, Home Depot

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