Are you eating your fruit the right way?

How to Eat Fruit the Right Way

Here are some graphics and videos on how to eat fruit the right way!

You know that eating enough fruits and veggies is good for your health, but did you know that there’s more than one way to peel a banana or to eat an apple? I keep running across cool tutorials on how to eat fruit, and I thought I’d share a few fun ones with you guys.

Peel a Banana Like a Monkey

This first video on how to peel a banana like a monkey actually did sort of change my eating habits. The way most of us peels bananas is inefficient and can be sort of tricky if you get one that’s a bit underripe.

Eat Your Apples from the Bottom Up

This one kind of blew my mind, and it turns out that it works well for pears as well as apples – I tried it! What I found interesting about this method is that not only does it make eating an apple more satisfying, but it cuts down on the food waste left over at the end, since you’re able to eat more of the fruit.

Unfurl Your Orange

OK, this one doesn’t make eating your orange easier, and it doesn’t reduce food waste. But it is really cool! Would your child be more into eating an orange if you unrolled it for him like this?

How to Peel an Orange

Seed a Pomegranate Underwater

Do you love the health benefits of pomegranates but hate how messy it is to get the seeds out of the membranes? This handy underwater seeding method makes it easy to get the seeds out without getting red, messy pomegranate juice all over your kitchen counter.

Have any of you run across cool alternative ways to enjoy your produce? Share your favorite tips in the comments!

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